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‘Children of War’: Heart-rending WWII Diaries Of Soviet Children Published In English

A book of 35 diaries written by Soviet children in 1941-1945, the years of the Great Patriotic War, has been translated into English. It contains written testimonies of the horrors of fighting with Nazis documented with a child’s sincerity.

"In adults' diaries, the author is still trying to build some sort of drama, while children have been sincerely writing about what they saw and felt, and that's the main value of these documents. They haven't been edited by anyone, they've been written honestly, with no censorship or self-censorship applied," the book's editor, Tatyana Kuznetsova, told RT.

One boy who had to live in a foster home was writing in his small notebook about how many of his friends were dying of hunger and at the same time drew "amazing" images of food such as "ham and chicken" in the pages of his diary, the editor said.


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