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New Tip For German Tourists In Turkey: Make No Anti-Govt Political Statements

The newly updated tips page by the German Foreign Ministry for tourists going to Turkey now includes a new piece of advice: don’t criticize the Turkish state. It comes amid a freedom of speech scandal over a German comic’s video mocking the Turkish president.

The tips published on the ministry’s webpage include useful information on how people should behave while on a visit to Turkey. The ministry warns tourists against traveling to the Syrian border and the predominantly Kurdish southeast in general, and to be aware of pickpockets in Istanbul and never to drink the tap water.

The crime section cautions that drug offenses are punished particularly hard in Turkey and that the authorities are quite particular about anything that can be deemed an antique.

The last paragraph in the section says: “It is strongly advised not to make public political statements against the Turkish state and to express sympathy for terrorist organizations.”


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