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Oconee Nuclear Reactor Shut Down After Transformer Explosion

One of the reactors at the Oconee Nuclear Station has been shut down after a series of explosions and a fire damaged a transformed on site. The operator declared the incident “unusual” but emphasized there was no threat of radiation release.

A transformer explosion is something to see. The heat and the acrid smoke is a rare sight to see. If the transformer was supplying the reactors energy then I don't know how they would be able to manage it. I just looked this up online and there is no further news. This will be the third nuclear ongoing accident in the US that are still causing damage today. Oconee, Indian Point, and the Aliso Canyon Methane leak. The methane leak has been caused by a spent uranium rod burning through the ground onto an oil field and boiling the oil once the oil is boiling it gives of methane gas as a by product.
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