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Turkish Politician Blames Turkish President Erdogan In Approaching Catastrophe

Devlet Bahçeli is a Turkish politician, and the chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). He commented on Turkish possible Invasion of Syria. Bahçeli said, such invasion will get catastrophic results for Turkey. He meant, Russia will be able to strike on every unit of Turkish ground forces in Syria, and NATO won’t answer. The point is that Turkey is a member of NATO. And because of this circumstance some persons are sure, that NATO must protect ground forces of Turkey all over the world. But this is wrong conclusion.
In reality NATO protects the territory of Turkey only, but NATO doesn’t protect Turkish ground forces on Syrian territory. Have this in mind!

Turkey has shelled Syrian Kurdish forces in northern Syria for the fourth day in a row.
The United Nations Security Council will discuss Turkey’s shelling of Kurdish targets in Syria on Tuesday following a request from Russia. Moscow is backing the Kurdish militia fighters by offering them air support as they battle anti-government forces and Islamic State. 
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