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The US Votes For This! LOL!

Just imagine this situation. A smoking, drinking, fat person decides to live in healthy style. Next day this person starts running, and gets heart attack. Then this person goes to a doctor, and says, "Hey, doc, I live in healthy way, I love running. I can not understand, why I have got heart attack". So just the same situation you can see in Turkey now, where the main political party, and the president Erdogan decided to fight with ISIS.

Erdogan and his party started to arrest some of ISIS supporters, especially such of them which are connected with one of terrorist attacks. But previously Erdogan was an ISIS supporter himself! Today he has changed his mind, just to show Turkish people, that he is not in charge for any ISIS terrorist attacks inside Turkey.

But why Erdogan 'started running and healthy lifestyle' just few days ago? Why not several months earlier? The point is that

Erdogan has paranoid fear of Kurdish people and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. For instance, read Research Paper: ISIS-Turkey List by David L. Phillips (published in Huffington Post). For instance, read Research Paper: ISIS-Turkey List by David L. Phillips (published in Huffington Post). There you'll find huge list of facts showing  Turkey collaborating with the Islamic State.

This is background on which the main political party of Kurdish people is going to found it’s office in Moscow. And at the same time this is background on which the US government told us about US future support of Kurdish people fighting with ISIS.

When Kurdish fighters get Russian and American support, they be able to build their own state on the territory of Turkey. Erdogan will lose some of his lands. And we know examples for this scenario. Look at Kurdistan, that is situated on the lands of Iraq. So, instead of Great Ottoman Empire, Erdogan will get Turkey divided into parts. The US votes for this! LOL!

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