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Ukraine: There Are No Pro-Russia Insurgents! There Are Anti-Nazi Insurgents Only!

American and English mass media keep lying to you.

They call these people 'pro-Russia insurgents'. But actually they are anti-Nazi insurgents.


They are from the Eastern Ukraine, which is situated close to the Russian border. They are from mixed Russian-Ukrainian families. It means, they are not 'real Ukrainians'. And this is their main sin, as the new Ukraine government used to think!

The new Ukrainian government is the result of 'revolution', which has been sponsored by Barack Obama. It started on December, 2013 in the capital of Ukraine — Kiev, when Ukrainian nationalists got American money and captured official buildings.



Later The White House spokesman told, that these people had special license. So their 'revolution' is a legal one. Especially — the legal one is their leader Oleh Tyahnybok... He is known as a person, who uses Nazi symbols, and who see nothing bad in Nazi ideas.


Tyahnybok`s people fight for the clearance of the Ukrainian race. They really dislike mixed Russian-Ukrainian families of the Eastern Ukraine. They dislike usage of Russian language instead of Ukrainian one. They wanted to ban Russian music, Russian movies also. And there is nothing special that people of the Eastern Ukraine regions – Slavyansk, Luhansk, Odessa, Kramatorsk – decided to live separately of Ukraine. They voted for it.


People of the Eastern Ukraine voted for speaking language, which they want. They voted for freedom to listen to music, which they want. They voted for freedom to watch movies, which they want.

They said 'No' to Kiev. They said 'No' to
Tyahnybok. They said 'No' to Barack Obama.

And now they have to fight for their rights. It needn't to say, that the White House spokesman thinks, that they have no special license to do that...
The spokesman says, these people fights for Russia and against the legal Nazi government...

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