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What Do The Ukrainians Want?

'Ukraine' — this word holds in the head-lines for the last few months. And usually it is mentioned as a far situated country, which has big troubles with Russia, and inside of itself. By the way, as a political scientist, and as a person, who knows a little bit more, I can say, 'American mass media say lie'. Yes, they do! They do not tell you the truth about Ukraine, and the truth about the people of Ukraine. And much more, American mass media are not going to change their position. They will never tell you, what do the Ukrainians want. Why do they fight? And why do they want to live in Russia, and as the part of Russian territory...

Do you see this firing tactical unit? This is artillery unit of mass destruction, known as 'Grad'. Why is it firing? Oh! It is the method, which is using in Ukraine, by the modern Ukrainian government to force Ukrainian people to obey...


But why does the modern Ukrainian government want to kill Ukrainian people? The answer is: the modern Ukrainian government is the result of American 'revolution' (5 billions of American money spent).

As usually, all what Obama does – all of it – has nothing in common with human rights — especially in Ukraine and world wide. In this way our country tries to divide national resources, and in this way our country tries to make our competitors weak.

The real goal of Ukrainian 'revolution' is Russia. Obama sees Russia as an enemy, and the serious competitor... And the Ukraine is situated close to Russia, it has the border with Russia... So there is nothing easier to make Russia weaker than to create a civil war in Ukraine.

The easiest way to start a civil war is to set Nazi government, which uses to divide people into 'real Ukrainians' and 'Russians'. It needs to say, 'Russians' live in Ukraine near the Russian border. And when these people know that artillery unit 'Grad' is going to fire, they do all their best to be a part of Russia.

But firing artillery is not the unique method of the modern Ukrainian 'government'. It uses also arsons and murders. Here you can watch photographs of the massacre from the city Odessa. This is what Ukrainian Nazi did. And it needs to say American instructors helped them:




There are more than one hundred people have been murdered and burned. They didn't want to be killed by means of artillery. Obama did it... He did it again...
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