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The Right Sector Creates The Russian Legion to Wage The War Against Russia

Originally posted by vidarius at The "Right sector" creates a Russian legion for the war against Russia

The "Right sector" is beginning to form Russian legion to defend sovereignty of Ukraine with the participation of Russian volunteers, the spokesman of the “Right sector” Igor Moseychuk said.

“In Saturday a group of ten volunteers will come from St. Peterburg. They are ready to fight on the Ukrainians side against Putin’s regime,”- said I. Moseychuk in Wednesday at the press-conference in Kiev.

At the same time Andrey Beletsky, head of “Right Sector – East” said, that now the "Right sector" is opposing against the National Guards. The "Right sector" was not against the formation of the National Guards and lobbied for its creation but the today’s so called National Guards are huge fiction because they put the guys under control of the police officers who pressed the whole country at the Grushevsky Street. Nothing has changed, no staff rotation and now these people are saying the guys what to do?”- A.Beletsky stressed.

He also said that the "Right sector" will not lay down their weapon for it is necessary for self-defence.

A.Beletsy told that today in every region there is a unit of the "Right sector. At the same time they have very close links with soccer fans “ultras” in Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk and Poltava regions. http://interfax.com.ua/news/political/196838.html


No jokes that hundreds of warriors from Russia considered themselves as the “Russian nationalists” were at war under the flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army at the Grushevsky Street.

In order to be at war on the side of banderovtsy the “Russian nationalists” must have a specific ideology which includes the following items:

1). Herofication of all scoundrels who were at war on the Nazis side against Russian nation (like Vlasov, Krasnov etc.) similar to the herofication of Bandera and Shukhevich.

2). Direct fascisation and glorification of Hitler.

3). Complete rupture with canonical Orthodoxy (the Russian Orthodox Church) which shall be replaced with sectarian simulacra and paganism.

4). Utmost hate for the Russian people who have taken everything (from Orthodoxy to communism) that they consider as a abomination. They will just prohibit anyone who is not with them, to be called Russian and they will introduce such terms as slaves, rednecks, cattle etc.

Throughout this they will find (and they have already found) mutual understanding with liberoids* who already speak their language (you can find it in the Dobrohotov’s report and other).

The new Russian Bolotnaya square with the face of Vlasov is now being based at the euro-maidan.

The Vlasov warriors are already duly trained by NATO instructors, they have grown stronger in the fightings at the Grushevsky Street and they have turned themselves into a Sonderkommando “Russian Legion”.

They extremely hate the historic Russia and they will certainly come for our death. Being citizens, are we ready to answer them? You can read the full article here: http://yablor.ru/blogs/praviy-sektor-sozdaet-russkiy-legio/4275123

*Liberoids –it is political position, politically pro-Western subject to anti-liberal (elitist, anti-democratic) beliefs masquerading as liberal.

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