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Will ISIS Strike Inside The United States?

The United States and the so-called coalition have anti-ISIS operation in Syria and Iraq for the last two years. However there are no ISIS attacks inside the U.S. for the same two years. ISIS wasn't able to fight back. I tell you more, there are no killed American soldiers or English soldiers during this anti-ISIS operation, nobody wounded even. Previously we saw another picture. Our real war in Afghanistan had serious aftermath, terrorist attacks, executions of English military personnel, essential amounts of killed troopers and burned vehicles.   
So we can say for sure:
#1 It means that the United States has secret treaty with ISIS, that permits to imitate air-strikes on ISIS assets. Of course such air-strikes do not damage ISIS, and ISIS doesn't attack the U.S.. Also ISIS has point of view equal to U.S. point of view on essential questions of foreign policy, such as Assad`s death.
#2 Or it means that ISIS is a child of the United States. And now the U.S. wants to use ISIS for achieving it's goals on the Middle East. Previously the U.S. used Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist organization, but in the end of a long run they lost control over Osama... 

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