leonkuravson (leonkuravson) wrote,

The War Drums are Beating

Are we preparing ourselves for the current 'civilization' end?

Without warning just after sunset last Saturday night the US Navy purposely picked a time to launch an unarmed Trident II missile from the submarine the USS Kentucky from waters off the Southern California coast so hundreds of thousands of witnesses would be sure to observe the brightly lit up sky and headlines would certainly spread around the world.

The unusual event was seen as far away as northern California, Arizona and Nevada. It triggered a firestorm of conjecture that included possible UFO’s to World War III. Beginning last Friday evening the FAA suddenly declared that the US Navy created a no fly zone shutting down LA airport flights from flying west over the ocean from America’s second busiest airport until Thursday this week due to unspecified military activity. The Navy then fired a second unarmed Trident missile on Monday during daytime hours claiming it would have also been launched on Saturday night along with the first one but there “too many private boats in the area” prohibited it. Strange that too many boats didn’t stop the first launch, the one “seen” around the world. Chalk it up to military logic.

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