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White Middle-aged People In US Dying Quicker Than In Any Other Developed Nation – Princeton Study

Do you love the United States of America? Do you love your Motherland? Do you? Okay! Your country... loves you too!!!! LOL

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Angus Deaton and Anne Case have come out with shocking conclusions that white middle-aged Americans are the only first-world group of people dying faster than their counterparts in any other developed country.

According to them, this is due to an out-of-control alcohol and drug habit, as well as suicide and depression. Researchers have described this as an “epidemic” that threatens the fabric of future America.

The research by economists Deaton and Anne Case, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, follows another paper of theirs from 1999, where questions were raised regarding the relationship between income and mortality.

The worrying trend has been developing since 1998, when mortality rates for 45-54 year-old Americans suddenly jumped. Worryingly, the exact reasons remain unclear. Experts could only determine a correlation with a rise in the availability of prescription drugs – such as painkillers – as well as a marked shift toward heroin use.  On top of this there was the steady economic deterioration of the last 20 years, Deaton suggests.

Since that year, some half a million Americans were killed by HIV/AIDS. “Only HIV/AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like” what the authors describe for the other contributing factors, the report said.


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