leonkuravson (leonkuravson) wrote,

The Republic of Moldova Will Be The Next?

Have you ever heard about such country as the Republic of Moldova? Okay, I tell you about it, but I’ll do it in my own way. LOL

Moldova is
a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west, and bordered by Ukraine to the north, east, and south. Moldova has no great natural gas and oil resources, so the United States doesn’t drop bombs on Moldova. However Moldova is the country which is situated not far from Russia (Russia has natural gas and oil), so this circumstance for White House is the reason to create chaos in Moldova. For Obama (and other presidents of U.S.) it is the reason to grow up terrorists on the lands of Moldova and send them to Russia. According to this idea U.S. has full control over Moldova for many years. U.S. controls Moldova by means of Moldova`s politicians, which work on U.S. for taxes which you pay regularly. Also these people have U.S. permission to rob their own people without any aftermath.

Now guess what is the current level of life in Moldova? Are you agreeing to pay taxes to let the White House to continue this practice? Do we need a new war funded by American tax-payers? Obama says, Moldova will be the next… But does he decide? How about “We the people…”?

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