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Russia Can Expand Its Role In The Anti-terrorist Operation In Syria

Now we can find more and more hysterical persons on our screens. We can see both among them: usual terrorists of ISIS, and their owners from the White House. Here you can see how a terrorist from ISIS complains about air-strike of Russian Armed Forces on his  bunker. He asks American human rights activists to punish Russia and Israel. He has such strong hysteric that shows his own face even.

Successful Russian support of Assad`s anti-terorist operation is the best explanation of all hysterical people which you see, and which you will see. Even if you see hysterical people from the Pentagon or from the White House. There are no other reasons for Pentagon to be dissatisfied with anti-terrorist operation in Syria.

But while Russia uses to support Assad with modern weapons supply only. Here you can see how Syrian army strikes on ISIS with Russian missiles known as "Tornado".

Here you can see how Syrian army strikes on ISIS with Russian systems known as "Pinoccio".

And you know, Syrian people are very grateful to Russia and Russia`s president Mr. Putin. Here you can see how Syrian soldiers say, "Thank you, Russia! Thank you, Putin!".

The next video shows how Russian attack-helicopters Mi-24 "Crocodile" support Syrian army in a battle with ISIS. This is the hottest video for hysterical people, because attack-helicopters are not bombers, somewhere in the deep sky. Attack-helicopters are so close to the surface, that this fact tells you, "Russia can expand its role in Syrian anti-terrorist operation soon". Russia has Assad`s permission to fight with ISIS. And this is the main difference between Moscow and Washington. Washington supports ISIS without any permission of nobody. Washington acts in Syria just with its own permission...
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