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ISIS 'Manufacturing And Using Chemical Weapons' In Iraq And Syria, US Official Claims

Kurdish fighters have reported numerous chemical attacks in both countries, possibly using mustard agents. Evidence is mounting that ISIS could be both manufacturing and using chemical weapons in Syria and Iraq. Months of reports by Kurdish forces fighting the so-called Islamic State sparked the start of an investigation by the US and a United Nations probe earlier this year. No findings have been announced by either group but an anonymous UN official has told the BBC that at least four attacks using powdered mustard agents have been documented on both sides of the Syria-Iraq border. It sounds somewhat similar to Bush Administration charges against the regime of Saddam Hussein... LOL

When the U.S. led a coalition of nations to depose Saddam in 2003, the belief that Iraq possessed stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons as well as a nascent nuclear weapons program was a major justification for the invasion. Failure to locate large stocks of the weapons led to charges that President George W. Bush had lied to lead the United States into an unnecessary war. However Saddam has been captured and murdered... Nuclear weapon of Israel means nothing for the United States.

Now, in Syria ISIS manufactures and uses chemical weapon, while not so dangerous, but weapon. And the further scenario means chemical strike on Israel. Nuclear answer of this country is not a threat for ISIS. The problem is that ISIS wants to have as many victims and "heroes" as possible...

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