leonkuravson (leonkuravson) wrote,

For What Purpose The United States Needs ISIS?

ISIS is the project of the United States of America. Even CNN knows it.

But for what purpose Obama needs ISIS?
First of all,

lots of American people were persuaded that Islam is worse than communism. Obviously they can not tell you for sure, what is communism, and what is wrong with it. However by means of Hollywood and propaganda in mass media they got some black image of communism. And Islam for them is something worse, darker, more blood-thirsty... The point is that mass media use to mix ISIS with Islam... But this is wrong!

Pure Islam is not ISIS-supporter. Pure Islam is religion of peace and kindness. Read the Koran, and you see (or believe me LOL).

So, Obama tells you, "ISIS means Islam. Islam means ISIS". He wants you to hate Islam. He wants you to hate all of Islam world, all of Islam people. He wants you to take a gun and to go to the war for cheap gas and oil.

Islam has ban for homosexual relationships. Islam has ban for drink and tabacco. Islam doesn't approve commerce and world wide cult of money.

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