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LJ Doesn't Want To Read About U.S. Supply Of ISIS. Okay! Let's Read About Turkish Money LOL

How do you think, what is the key-factor for ISIS success? The Koran? No! They didn't read this book even!
Probably American weapons? No! They have lost it under Russian air-strikes not much time ago.
CIA and Mi-6 staff? Oh, no, no... They have lost these people, and burried 'em after Russian strikes too.
The correct answer is... Money! However LJ doesn't want to read about U.S. supply of ISIS, and LJ even has some sort of hard censorship, you know. Okay. Here we go! LOL Let's read about Turkish money of ISIS!

American governmental supply, money of murdered Syrian civilians, Arabic donations besides, ISIS has great income of oil black market. Yes! ISIS sells oil. Haven't you know? LOL

And ISIS, have it in mind, has low prices on oil! $20 per barrel instead of $49-52 nowadays or $90-100 last year. Someone purchases this cheap oil, and this someone has profit on it. Who is this someone? How do you think? United States and the international anti-ISIS coalition know this situation very well. They see all these fuel trucks on the way to Turkey. LOL

Neither Pentagon nor Ankara doesn't want to tell you about it.

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