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Civil War In Ukraine Will Make Russia Stronger. Do We Need It?


Obama did it. Bloody revolution in the post-Soviet country Ukraine is his new idiotic step. He spends our money to divide Ukraine into several parts. Here you can see  Victoria Nuland — Assistant Secretary, Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs — trip to Ukraine. She was there to give protesters our money, and to tell them what to do...



However this Revolution is going to be reason for further Russia`s strengthening. Why?

There are several areas of Ukraine. You can see the Eastern Ukraine, and the Western Ukraine. The Eastern part has lots of industrial sites. But the Western part has poverty and Nazi groups of population.

And what do you think? Population of Eastern Ukraine wants to be a part of Russia! Population of Western Ukraine wants to be citizens of the European Union... So, poverty and Nazi are going to the Europe... But Industry is going to Russia... Also Russia gets the naval base of it`s fleet on the Ukrainian Black Sea coast... And Black Sea resorts...



The Scalpel nuclear missile was made in the U.S.S.R. And Ukrainian industry was producing it... With the end of the Soviet Union this project has been closed. But now, when Russia gets these Ukrainian industrial sites, the project is going to be restarted.

The main feature of Scalpel missile is ability to be masked as a usual train. That is why it is impossible to find and to destroy it.

Yes... Barack Obama did it...

He did, one more time. He eats each weak or rotten state. Each small one... And it doesn't matter for him, where it is situated... Africa, Asia, or Europe... He is like a predator, but a stupid one.  

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