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Obama Did It. But For What?

Obama Signs Increase In U.S. Debt…


President Barack Obama signed legislation on Saturday that raises the U.S. debt limit through March 2015, taking the politically volatile issue off the table with congressional elections coming up this November. Without an increase in the statutory debt limit, the U.S. government would have soon defaulted on some of its obligations and would have had to shut down some programs, an historic event that would have caused severe market turmoil. On a long holiday weekend in a desert resort area in southern California, Obama put his signature on the legislation without fanfare, while behind closed doors at the Sunnylands retreat.

However Barack Obama keeps his style. He spends our money on wars. This spender has sent two U.S. Navy ships to the Black Sea. Have in mind, there are 600 commandos on board! And each commando has salary... Do we need 600 commandos anywhere?

But where is it? Black Sea? What do they forget in the middle of nowhere?

These two U.S. Navy ships are operating in Black Sea during the Sochi Olympics, Pentagon officials said. The Black Sea is situated near Russian city Sochi. And both ships could be used to potentially evacuate Americans from Sochi in an emergency situation. Both are relatively small vessels equipped with a helipad capable of accommodating a small helicopter... Yes... Yes... I want to believe... But Russia has deployed tens of thousands (!!!!!!) of security forces to the area surrounding Sochi to counter any potential terrorist threat to the games by Islamic militants... So? And? 600 American commandos? You make me laughing...

The real target is Ukraine. This country is situated near Sochi. And Barack Obama is able to support protests in Ukraine. It is very important thing,  because Barack Obama has spent $ 100 000 000 on Ukrainian political crisis already. But the crisis is going to be solved if nobody support the protesters, and if nobody starts civilian war there... Or if American commandos won't support the civilian war in Ukraine...

Do we have money to pay for the show?


Do we have money to pay for new war?

Do we have people for death?

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