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Gerald Celente – Europe Moving Away From U.S. After Ukraine Fiasco


With the world still watching for news out of Ukraine, today the top trends forecaster in the world spoke with King World News about the ramifications of the West's defeat in eastern Ukraine.  What he had to say will surprise a lot of readers.

Gerald Celente believes the outcome in Ukraine is much more than just the military loss suffered by the West:  “What we are going to see is less and less cooperation from Europe regarding the United States’ antagonism of Russia.  The (previous) Ukraine government, under Yanukovych, was overthrown with the help of the United States (after he accepted the more generous aid package of $15 billion that was offered by Putin)….

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“But Der Spiegel showed that by going with the IMF deal, Ukraine would have lost about $160 billion worth of trade with Russia.  I bring that up because it all ties into why you are going to see less and less cooperation from Europe to antagonize Russia via pressure from the United States.  It goes back to the bottom line.  Europe does a lot of business with Russia and vice versa.  So when the United States imposed the sanctions and pushed for the imposition of sanctions on Russia, it hurt the European businesses.

Once again it shows you that incompetent sociopaths and psychopaths are in charge because you don’t take these kinds of aggressive anti-trade measures at a time when your economies are slowing down.  Sensible people would do the opposite.  They would try to increase trade and increase cooperation.  But madman and madwomen look at things differently.

So we believe you are going to see less cooperation from Europe to antagonize Russia because it goes back to trade.  When Russia responded with their trade sanctions against Europe, who did it hurt?  It hurt the farmers in Italy.  It hurt manufacturers in Germany.  It hurt people throughout Europe.

So the handwriting is on the wall.  The illegal and illegitimate government of Ukraine, that was put in place following the overthrow of a democratically elected government, the people that instigated the revolution have not only lost financially, they just lost militarily.  The facts are there.  It was a loss on every front.”

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