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France False Flag Shooting Is Obama`s Performance For French President Hollande


More than 40 heads of state came together in Paris to denounce a wave of terrorism that defiled the City of Light last week:

But there was one glaring exception: The U.S. sent only a low-level official. Why? Oh, it's because our false flag shooting was performance specially for French president Hollande.


President Obama has the the message to European leaders. He showed them, who is the Master. And who

Previously French president Hollande tried to speak about French independent foreign policy. Hollande wanted to protect national interests of France. Hollande was really sure, that Western nations should stop threatening Russia with new sanctions and instead offer to ease off on existing restrictions in exchange for progress in the peace process in Ukraine.

“I’m not for the policy of attaining goals by making things worse,” Mr. Hollande said in the interview on France Inter radio. “I think that sanctions must stop now.”

Russia`s position is misunderstood, he suggested. “Mr. Putin does not want to annex eastern Ukraine, I am sure — he told me so,” Mr. Hollande said. “What he wants is to remain influential. What Mr. Putin wants is that Ukraine not become a member of NATO. The idea of Mr. Putin is to not have an army at Russia’s borders.”

And what now? If Mr. Hollande changes his mind Mr. Obama needs no more France being under attack. But if Hollande keeps independent foreign policy, he gets a new lesson. Obama is ready for it.

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