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Kiev’s Incorrigible Lying Always Leads Eventually to The Truth


Kiev’s President Petro Poroshenko this week called on his fawning Uncle Sam to resuscitate the Geneva format of peace talks. This forum was first convoked back in April between the US, European Union, Russia and the Kiev regime, with the latter arrogating the title of «Ukraine».

Then only two days after this sudden nostalgia for Geneva, the Kiev regime was accusing Russia of a major cross-border military invasion into eastern Ukraine.

So, what is it? Peace talks, or war? Or maybe both at the same time? The trouble is the Western-backed Kiev regime doesn’t know what it wants, vacillating from one polar opposite to another. The mercurial mendacious logic belies ulterior motives, as always.

Let’s first focus on the latest invasion claims. Here we go again – Russia has invaded Ukraine for the umpteenth time over recent months, reported the Western media at the weekend. At this rate of going, if it were true, then Russia must by now have armoured divisions and regiments poised at the very gates of Kiev. Maybe they are super hi-tech stealth divisions and regiments that can’t be detected by satellites or the naked eye.

The latest «incursion» reported by the BBC and Financial Times involved 32 Russian tanks and 30 trucks.

But then, on closer examination, the kerfuffle quickly vanishes when we note the source of this information – the Kiev regime. No rational person could possibly believe the claims of this inveterately lying regime – except it seems the Western media and governments, who throw all skepticism to the wind and spin faster than a tornado.

Earlier this week, Canada’s foreign minister John Baird said he had «information» that Russia’s military was amassing on Ukraine’s eastern border. Moscow immediately rebuffed the Canadian claim, and pointed to Baird’s source of «information» – the Kiev regime.

NATO’s military commander General Philip Breedlove was also once again reiterating similar claims this week that Russia was menacing Ukraine’s border. As usual, no veritable proof is provided, just the say-so of anonymous sources, which in all likelihood means Kiev. Breedlove was joined in his anti-Russian rants by US army commander in Europe, Lt General Frederick Hodges, who said that Russia was «a real threat to Europe» but quickly assured that «we will defend our allies».

How chivalrous of the Americans! Nothing to do with driving a belligerent wedge between Europe and Russia out of Washington’s hegemonic selfish interests.

In common vernacular this self-serving, revolving-door kind of information-sharing between Washington and its Kiev stooges is known as «You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours».
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