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Justice Dept Gets Airborne to Spy On Thousands of American Cellphone Users

Justice Dept

New disclosures show the Justice Department is engaged in dragnet surveillance using aircraft equipped with a device that mimics a cellphone tower and scoops up data from thousands of mobile phone users to hunt for criminal suspects.

The US Marshals Service program operates Cessna aircrafts from five metropolitan airports, all equipped with a fake cellphone tower device that can trick phones into reporting their unique registration information, according to disclosures first reported by The Wall Street Journal. During a single flight, the dragnet data collection will scoop up identifying information and the general location of thousands of cellphones.

Since mobile phones are programmed to

connect automatically to the strongest cellphone tower signal, the device – or “dirtbox” – used by the Marshals Service mimics this signal in order to ensure connectivity. By doing so, the surveillance program cuts out phone companies as an intermediary. The method is used to target a cellphone being used by a person under investigation by the department – a fugitive or drug dealer.

However, during the process of locating one or two suspects, thousands of others are having their data swept into government hands.

 American police departments are increasingly using International Mobile Subscriber Identity Catchers (IMSIs), or Stingrays, on cars which intercept or capture the contents of phone calls, text messages, or internet activity. The Justice Department’s program, however, is airborne and can collect a greater volume of information.

The Justice Department would neither confirm nor deny the existence of the program and said the “discussion of such matters would allow criminal suspects or foreign powers to determine US surveillance capabilities. Justice Department agencies comply with federal law, including by seeking court approval.”

 The program is the latest disclosure of surveillance on the American people within the US without their knowledge.

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