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ISIS is Not The Threat Number One

The Map
The huge clash is growing on the Middle East inside the Muslim world. I mean those islamist powers which try to start inner, civilian, war that permits to end with temporal and half-temporal regimes — and to create 'the islamist empire', the 'state' that doesn't respect any existing borders, the empire based on dictatorship and barbaric sharia.


And have in mind, this new rising 'islamist empire' stands not only for struggle against secular culture, but this empire prepares to persue religious purges among millions of Muslim people which have their own but 'wrong' religious traditions.


For instance, not much time ago ISIS leader said that

he wants to destroy the main Muslim sanctuary — The Kaaba.


But today ISIS is not the threat number one. We need to find out the persons which manage this process. We need to find out the sponsors of ISIS. These people are the threat number one.

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