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Cop aims rifle at crowd of protesters and journalists, says he “will f***ing kill” them

In the middle of a crowded street filled with protesters and journalists, an officer erratically swept the crowd with his rifle and threatening to kill civilians.

The incident occurred on August 19th, 2014, on West Florissant Avenue which was filled with people holding cameras and signs, protesting police brutality and perceived government injustice.

Civilians with cameras spotted a deranged officer and became immediately alarmed at his behavior.

“Oh my God… gun raised, gun raised, gun’s pointed,” said a voice off-camera.

“My hands are up bro, my hands are up,” said a man filming the event, broadcasting live on his UStream account.

“I will fucking kill you, get back,” hissed the unstable officer, sweeping his muzzle back and forth over a crowd of innocent people.

Someone in the group can be heard asking, “You’re going to kill him? What’s your name, sir?”

The officer replied: “Go f*** yourself.”

The crowd immediately latched onto the nickname, “Officer Go F*** Yourself.”

The officer was later identified as Lt. Ray Albers of the St. Ann Police Department, in St. Ann, Missouri. He is a 20-year veteran officer and severed 4 years in the U.S. Army.

Amazingly, the experienced officer managed to ignore years of firearm training by aiming his rifle directly at numerous innocent people. The act might have been called “gross negligence” up until the point where he actually articulated homicidal intentions to bystanders. At that point, he was demonstrating that he had both the means and the intention to kill innocent civilians.

Citizens routinely get shot on sight by police officers for holding garden hoses, golf clubs, cell phones, wallets, toys, and all manner of other harmless items. In this incident, Lt. Albers was actually sweeping a crowd with a real rifle — a deadly threat by any objective standard.

The act was witnessed by dozens, including other police officers. Albers was neither shot nor arrested. Instead of disarming and handcuffing the gunman, another officer was filmed gently redirecting him and walking away. The criminal behavior was apparently of no concern.

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