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Washington Post and HuffPo Reporters Arrested in Ferguson


Two reporters working out of a McDonalds in Ferguson, Mo. say they were arrested and assaulted for no apparent reason while covering the increasingly violent clash between police and protestors on Wednesday night. Both were eventually released without being charged.

According to reports, Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery and Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly were both arrested, handcuffed and booked. Once word of their arrests began circulating on social media, they were immediately released.

The already-tense situation in Ferguson escalated earlier today, when

SWAT teams descended on the largely peaceful protests that have been taking place since an unarmed 18-year-old named Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer Saturday.

Lowery and Reilly were both apparently working from a Ferguson McDonalds when a SWAT team entered the restaurant. After posting initial tweets about the encounter, both reporters went offline just before 5 pm.

Around the same time, other reporters in the area began to tweet that two reporters were being arrested and handcuffed.

At that point, LA Times reporter Matt Pearce began investigating the arrests.

Pearce wrote on Twitter that the Ferguson police chief told him the arresting officers were "probably somebody who didn't know better." According to Pearce, the chief then instructed riot command to release them.

About 45 minutes after Lowry and Reilly's last tweets, they came back online.

Lowery, who says he was slammed into a fountain soda machine during his arrest, wrote on Twitter that he was "Detained, booked, given answers to no questions. Then just let out... Got no explaination at any point why in custody other than "trespassing" - at a mcdonalds where we were customers."

Tweet from one of the arrest reporters, with a statement from the Washington Post:



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