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Anti-Nazi Forces Didn't Hit The Malaysian Airliner. There Are Five Arguments


Within hours of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashing into a wheat field in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine last Thursday, Ukrainian government and media have gradually stoked a frenzy of accusations that Anti-Nazi forces of Ukraine had a hand in the disaster.

1) The main accusation was focused on BUK air-defence system, that has been captured by Anti-Nazi forces before.


But actually Anti-Nazi forces of Ukraine have no such class air-defence systems. I tell you more, the Ukrainian army boasted in June, "We have repaired an old BUK system (made in U.S.S.R.)".

2) And even the prosecutor general of Ukraine says that Anti-Nazi forces didn't get BUK-class systems.

3) BUK air-defence system includes several units. To use all these units you need to have lots of people which know how to use. They must be high-class professionals. But Anti-Nazi forces of Ukraine consist of average civilians, which simply don't want to die.


4) Each air-defence missile has it's own warhead. And each warhead has it's own stuff. The warhead of BUK-calss missile includes metallic spheres.


But there are fragments of the airliner. And if you watch them in proper way, you'll see, that the warhead of the missile included metal rods instead of spheres.


It means, it wasn't BUK missile.

Metal rods are the stuff of another class missiles: air-to-air.

5) Anti-Nazi forces of Ukraine has no fighters to shoot air-to-air class missiles. They have stinger-class missiles, which permit to hit low flying targets (up to 3,500 meters). But the liner was flying at altitude of 10,000 meters.
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