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Crimea Referendum Reflected People’s Will – French Delegation Head

Crimea’s reunification with Russia reflects the will of the majority of the Crimean people, the head of a French delegation visiting the peninsula says. He added that if it had not joined Russia, it could have been turned into a battle zone like east Ukraine.

A group of French PMs led by the National Assembly member and the former transport minister
Thierry Mariani, who initiated the debate on lifting the anti-Russian sanctions in the French parliament, went to Crimea to see what life was like. This is the second time he has been to the peninsula since it re-joined Russia.

“The referendum on Crimea’s accession to Russia reflected the will of the people,” Mariani said, adding that, during their visit to the peninsula,
the French delegation “got an impression that the decision to reunify with Russia corresponds with the majority opinion” of the Crimean population.


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