leonkuravson (leonkuravson) wrote,

Worldwide Scandal: Shale Gas Was a Fake!


Shale gas was the main American threat for Russia, but in fact shale gas was the main American bull-shit.

Couple days ago the State Department said, that the main field of American shale gas, instead of the advertised 13.7 billion barrels, is able to give 600 million barrels only! It is only 4% of the promised 100%.

"Even if all these 600 million barrels could be extracted immediately, it will close the United States needs up to 33 days only," mass media say, "extracting of oil is traditionally big environmental and infrastructural loss".

And as for shale gas, the EU and United States have announced creating of the first terminal after 2015 only. Shale gas costs more, than a natural one, and Europeans have to invest hundreds of billions to update their gas-pipe systems to use expensive shale gas.

Do they need it?


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