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3 Great Lies About Ukraine in U.S. Mass Media (VIDEO INCLUDED)

(the main liar for the the United States Department of State Jen Psaki)

U.S. mass media keep telling you lies about Ukrainian crisis. I do not exactly know, why private companies do what White House wants, but this the fact that:

1. LIE: Russia attacked Ukraine.
   TRUTH: Russia didn't attack Ukraine. FACT: Thousands of Ukrainian people are looking for shelter on Russian territory. They ran away from civil war and genocide. The situation in border areas of Russia is going to be humanitarian disaster. U.N. must stop the civil war in Ukraine by usage of peacemakers.



2. LIE: Ukrainian army and the new Ukrainian government want peace. They stopped bloody military campaign.
   TRUTH: The campaign continues. The Ukrainian government insists on usage of barbaric weapons such as white phosphorus. And the usage is going to lead to great amount of victims. 


3. LIE: Ukrainian government wants to pay for Russian natural gas, and Ukrainian government makes no obstacles for Russian gas trading.
     TRUTH: Ukrainian government keeps stealing Russian natural gas, which is supposed for European consumers. U.S. made Ukrainian crisis to create problems for the Russian gas pipeline, that goes to European countries through Ukrainian territory. If the pipeline will be non-functional, U.S. get theoretical chance to sell natural gas to Europe.

But Russia has the new pipeline. This is why Obama is idiot.


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